Hotel website design and developement

Building hotel websites is the strength of NAAN Solution as customers would have a custom hotel website and be advised on the online booking. Employing professional website design techniques, our designed websites are native and self developed to allow a flexible customization to meet specific demands and styles from clients.

How visible would these professional hotel websites be to searching customers? The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always advised by NAAN Solution so that travelers will find your website through search engines. This is accomplished by keywords, the website infrastructure, and links that would be taken into account from the beginning. We also offer Google AdWords services and Webcare  services afterwards.

A professional website needs not only to promote the hotel brand name but also to increase the successful booking conversion rate. After the website is accessed, performance, user-friendly experience, and booking engine system are the key elements for a successful booking rate. Clients are consulted to optimize content or data, image, video and then website performance. To be user-friendly, websites are tested to be responsive to different devices and users are able to change the website’s content without having a programming skill set.  A multi-language configuration and a booking engine are options to be embedded in a website.

In addition to the professional website design, we provide Hospitality Property Management Software in a combined system.

Hotel website builder, developer