Site’s ranking improvement or SEO and Adwords services

Site’s ranking improvement services help your site found on the first page on search engines. The services consist of Web care services or SEO services and Google Adwords services. Web care services include the followings:

  • Technical optimization

  • Content updates and optimization

  • Keyword consultations

  • Creating the website’ links or back links

  • Updating related news to these links

  • Processing arisen problems related to the website

  • Analytics reports

Web care services combined with Google Adwords services help to immediately improve website’s ranking and maintain its ranking stability. Among search engines, advertisements on Google Adwords appear to be the most effective. According to an article published in Forbes written by John Rampton, five reasons which an enterprise should use Google Adwords services include:

- Adwords enable clients to measure the effectiveness as well as change advertisement samples flexibly according to their specific demands.

- Adword campagn is a faster tool than SEO services. The advertisement is immediately appeared on top of the page and the potential customer is able to access the page as long as the advertisement is activated.

- Google allows more interactions with customers as only youtube’s search volume (one channel of Google) doubles the number of Bing and Yahoo searches combined.

- Adwords allows customers to manage advertising costs by setting a daily advertising budget.

- Finally, advertisements on Google can beat the competitors due to an instant effect. 80% of search results contain Adwords ad placement.

Advertisements on Google should be deployed by businesses and hotels as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the pioneer and gain the potential customers’ access to your website. Increasing traffic to your website also improves the site’s ranking and broadens sales success.

SEO Consulting Services

With regards to Google Adwords on the hospitality industry, the Brand Verity survey on 100.000 search results of various search engines demonstrates the advertisement expense differences between OTA and related hotel brands as follows:

- The frequency of the hotel brand views in the search engines is relatively stable but much lower than the view frequency of OTA due to the limited budget for hotel brands.

- Ad ratio of hotel brands to OTA is relatively higher in Google than in other search engines. Hotel brands focus more on Google Adwords than on AOL or Bing.

- With regards to Google ad, mobile ads paid most attention to in hotel brands.

This research once again confirms the role of mobile advertising and Google search engine is more effective for the hospitality industry. Therefore, with an economic budget, the hotel should emphasis on creating effective advertising campaign.

SEO Consulting Service

Source: Brand Verity, 2013

Website’s ranking improvement services combined with developing custom websites and marketting games would give the customers more competitive advantages and create high possibility for successful sales.