Namoly Hospitality property management software

Namoly Hospitality Property Management Software (Hotel PMS) is constructed by combining different functions, from the front office such as the sales, reservation, front desk, restaurant, spa units to the back office such as accounting, inventory, human resources, and content management into one hotel management system or software. Namoly includes reservation management, customer relationship management, rate allocations and payment management.

Namoly is able to manage multiple points of sales and a booking engine. Within one system, a service can be used at one place and payment can be conducted at another place as the information would be updated to other points of sales. In addition, Namoly meets the following requirements:


- Tracking the bookings of TAs or OTAs.

- Fast track to deal with a large group of guests.

- Support to split or combine bills.

- Support for multiple payment options and combining different payment methods.

- Providing customer or sales analysis report grouped by different criteria such as staff, nationalities, sources, service types, etc.

- Forecasting the revenue, room availability by room types.

Not only used as a hotel PMS, but Namoly is also developed to manage a spa, restaurant and hotel chain.

Namoly - Hospitality Property Management Software