Namoly Hospitality Software for Chains or Corporations

Namoly Hospitality Software or Hospitality Management system for chains or corporations meets the requirements for hotel, restaurant, or spa corporation, or chain management. Instead of having to login each separate software to manage and export data to excel for data aggregation, users only need to login once to Namoly and all authorized data is available. In specific, the system includes the following functions and utilities:

  • To enable management integration of many hotels, spas and restaurants within one system.

  • To manage multi-organizations, hotels, and many points of sale with different pricing policies.

  • Customers are allowed to use the service at one point of sales and bill into their room or pay at any other point of sales.

  • Easy-to-use and proactive user interfaces.

  • Fast track to deal with a large group of guests.

  • Support to split or combine bills, and support for multiple payment options and combining different payment methods.

  • To provide customer or sales analysis report grouped by staff, nationalities, sources of customers, or service types, etc.; to forecast the revenue and room availability by room types.

Namoly Hospitality Software is integrated into the Namoly booking engine so that online reservations and the room availability are updated automatically.

Namoly - Hospitality Software