Internship Programmer

. Job Description:

Candidates will receive guidance, new technology research and software development of our company.

Research and develop software tools: Design systems with Enterprise Architech (UML), Programming Devexpress (C#), Angularjs, MongoDB, Neo4J. Cloud Technology: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Quantity: 03

. Job requirments:

Graduated or are going to be graduate the final year of information technology  major.

Have teamwork spirit.

Able to going on business trips.

Have responsibility and openness to accept assigned tasks.

Able to accomplished the task within a limited time.

Comply with disciplines and rules of our company.

. Candidate benefits:

Candidates have the opportunity to be the co-owner and participate in practical work in our company as well as our partners

After the training period, suitable candidates will become members of our company and be able to sign a labour contract.